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How to choose a zipper?

  • Lightning is called a convenient sewing accessories, which is used in the manufacture of a variety of clothing, shoes, sports equipment and accessories. The fastener can be performed on a household and professional sewing machine.

    With the help of a zipper , fabric strips are quickly connected. Separation of elements occurs after the movement of the slider. The result is a robust and simple design. This technology has been actively used by representatives of the clothing industry for decades.

    Types of lightning

    In the manufacture of lightning, reliable materials are used, for example, a metal alloy or plastic. Manufacturers produce the following types of products, which differ depending on the method of unfastening:

    Two-lock. It is convenient to use on long products such as sports bags, bathrobes and winter warm jackets.

    Detachable. No tie-down required. They are sewn into blouses, vests. Quickly and easily unfasten to the end.

    One-piece. Suitable for trousers and dresses. The tape is fixed on the bottom of the product. The two elements are not fully separated.

    According to such criteria as the material and shape of the lightning teeth, they are divided into:

    Twisted spiral polyester with metal or plastic pawls.

    External tractor fasteners. They visually resemble caterpillars. They are located on a textile tape, similar in color.

    Metal teeth are clamped around the fabric band. Made from nickel or brass. The fastener is characterized by durability, mechanical reliability.

    Hidden Spiral model. Sewn on from the wrong side of the tape. The lock looks neat, the slider glides easily and quickly.

    Choice of lightning

    When looking for the right zipper, pay attention to:

    The type of the main fabric of the garment. The heavier the material, the more massive the clasp. Metal fittings are used on overalls, sports items, which are distinguished by enhanced operation.

    Twisted zippers are often used for dance costumes, summer clothes, underwear, handbags, thin blouses. Tractor fasteners are suitable for a backpack, shopping bags, leather and denim clothing, shoes.

    Lightning size.

    The quality of the glide of the runner.

    Tooth processing.

    The uniformity of the color of the braid.

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