What is a water repellent zipper?

  • What is a water repellent zipper?

    In the production of sportswear and tourist equipment, such a type of fasteners as moisture-proof zippers is used. They do not allow moisture to pass under a jacket, into a sleeping bag, tent or backpack, even in heavy rain. Products have a special type of design that distinguishes them from conventional fasteners. There are several varieties of such accessories, and when choosing the right option, you need to know all the features of each type of zipper. The main difference is the level of moisture protection. It must be taken into account, for example, in the production of diving clothing and suits for chemical protection.

    Water-repellent zippers: varieties and scope

    The degree of protection against getting wet directly depends on the correct choice of fittings. There are several main types of water-repellent snakes.

    OSO Waterproof zipper . The product withstands high water pressure, ensuring tightness and reliably protecting against water penetration. The teeth are covered with a special film, the edges of which fit snugly against each other when closed. Also, snakes with a special chain design belong to this category of accessories. It consists of teeth, the edges of which are interconnected by means of special tips. Waterproof zippers are used in chemical protective clothing and wetsuits;

    Waterproof. The clasp has a rubberized band, due to which its surface becomes matte or shiny. In addition, manufacturers offer an additional level of protection, and equip the fasteners with external and internal straps. This type of fittings is used in the production of tourist equipment and sportswear;

    OSO Waterproof zipper.. A distinctive feature of such lightning is their design. The teeth are inward. Due to this, moisture flows along the outer surface of the fastener. Many manufacturers apply a special impregnation to the braid, which increases the level of protection. Despite this, this type of fasteners has the lowest level of moisture resistance and low cost.

    When choosing a OSO Waterproof zipper., moisture-proof or water-resistant zipper, pay special attention to the manufacturer. Give preference to trusted companies. Only in this case, you can be completely sure that the fittings will not let you down at the most crucial moment.

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